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Stand-up comic and Law & Order star Richard Belzer passes away at 78! Did you know about Richard Belzer before?

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Famous stand-up comedy star Richard Blazer passed away at the age of 78. He died in France on Sunday

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Richard Belzer, 'Law & Order' actor, famous for playing Det. John Munch died at the age of 78. He died on South Sunday in South France

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As an actor, he has appeared in many dramas like "The X-Files", "The Wire, Arrested Development" and "30 Rock"! He has also received many awards for his good performance.

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In recent years, Belzer espoused several conspiracy theories, writing four books about his belief of conspiracies to assassinate President John F. Kennedy,

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The whole of Hollywood mourned his death. His sudden departure like this has shocked everyone. Everyone also tweeted on twitter for the peace of his soul